Our Services

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Specimen Palm Digging & Preparation

Grower Direct provides all selection, digging, staging, & preparation services within our quoted bid figures. Clients may participate in the selection process & may view the dig / prep process in person at their convenience.

Farm Direct Sourcing

Grower Direct/Mesa Date Enterprises, LLC. is a farming organization that sources material from our own farms or from our affiliate farms.

When requested by our clients, we will source material not grown by our own farms via wholesale nurseries that we can visit ourselves to certify material or we will make courtesy client referrals.

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Specimen Palm Transportation

Grower Direct manages freight transportation on behalf of our clients but clients may also choose to utilize their own trucks and/or freight brokers.

Job & Project Quotations

Grower Direct provides verbal & written job/project quotations upon request. We are always available to discuss material/job site options & we pride ourselves in offering rational common sense pricing.

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Farm Tours & Material Selection

Clients are encouraged to visit our farms and/or wholesale nursery outlets to select & inspect material. When trips cannot be scheduled, we will provide specimen palm photos to assist the approval process.