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Bruce Parsons
(281) 543-1783

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Lorena Duran
(928) 246-0446


Texas Stocking Distributor

Verdant Tree Farm & Nursery
4300 Barker Cypress Rd
Houston, TX 77084
Patrick Amery
(832) 788-3292

Central Palms


Bismarckia Palm (bismarckia nobilis) Bismarckia Palms (aka Bismarck Palms or Bismarcks) feature either silver-blue or...


Canary Date Palm (phoenix canariensis) Canary Date Palms feature heavy green fronds, with very thick...

Deglet Noor

Deglet Noor Date Palm (phoenix dactylifera deglet nor) Deglet Noor Date Palms have a less...


Washingtonia Filibusta Palm (washingtonia filibusta) Filibusta Fan Palm is a Hybrid cross between Washingtonia Robusta...

Filifera / CA

Filifera Fan Palm (aka California Fan Palm) (washingtonia filifera) The powerful Filifera Fan Palm (aka...


Mediterranean Fan Palm (aka Med Fan Palm) (chamherops humilis) Mediterranean Fan Palms (aka Med Fan...


Medjool Date Palm (phoenix dactylifera medjool) Medjool Date Palms have lush green to silver green...


Pindo Date Palm (butia capitata) Pindo Date Palms feature silver-blue to blue-green fronds, which grow...

Pygmy / Mini

Pygmy Date Palm (aka Dwarf Palm or Miniature Date Palm) (phoenix roebellenii) The Pygmy Date...

Queen / Piru

  Queen Palm (aka Piru Queen Palm) (syagrus romanzoffiana) Piru Queen Palms are both majestic...


Robusta Fan Palm (aka Mexican Fan Palm) (washingtonia robusta) The Robusta Fan Palm (aka: Mexican...


  Sago Palm (cycas revoluta) Sago Palms are excellent tropical additions, indoors or outdoors. With...


  Sylvester Date Palm (aka Silver Date Palm - Wild Date Palm) (phoenix sylvestris) Sylvester...

USDA Zone Map

The USDA Plant Hardiness Zone Map is the national standard to determine which plants (and...


  Zahidi Date Palm (phoenix dactylifera zahidi) Zahidi Date Palm display a dense green canopy...