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Bismarckia Palm

(bismarckia nobilis)

Bismarckia Palms (aka Bismarck Palms or Bismarcks) feature either silver-blue or green leaf foliage.  Silver-blue varieties are more cold hardy, green leaf varieties are less hardy to cold. These noble beauties have gray to tan trunks that slightly bulge at the base. The nearly rounded leaves are large, and produce a wedge-shaped hastula where the blade and petiole meet. Petioles are covered in a white wax as well as cinnamon-colored scales.

Growth Rate:  Moderate to Faster 

Cold & Salt Tolerant

Silver-Blue Varieties – USDA Zones:  09, 10, 11
Green Leaf Varieties – USDA Zones:  10, 11

(View USDA Zone Map here)
(Go to USDA Website)

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